Access Statement

Richmond House is a Victorian building, with the dining room at ground floor level, and all guest bedrooms located on the first floor.

Access to the house is via three external steps from the carport; there is one handrail on the right hand side. The first floor is accessed via an internal staircase with 15 stairs; there is a single handrail on the left hand side. Breakfast is served in the dining room.

Two rooms (Rooms Two and Three) have walk in showers, with an approximate 5 cm lip to cross to enter. We can provide hand grips for use in the showers, but do not have a stool or chair that is suitable for use in the shower. Room One features a corner bath with shower overhead.

The fire alarm system at Richmond House operates using an audible alert system. Unfortunately this means that we cannot accommodate unaccompanied guests with severe hearing difficulties, as there is no safe way to warn you of danger in the event of fire.